Games before Neighborhood of Love and Hate

2014-11-23 02:12:38 by AGRGames

If you have played Neighborhood of Love and Hate, then you may be familiar with some of the characters.  Many of these girls actually originated in previous games I created.  Larissa, Dina, Simone, and Stephanie are in Neighborhood and also these previously released games:

A Date with Larissa

Larissa and Dina are your two conquests in this game, and share the same house that they do in Neighborhood.  Play it here:

In Neighborhood, you have the option to talk to Steve who is waiting outside Dina's house, and he explains a few things for you.  In A Date with Larissa, you play as Steve.  Here is the accompanying movie for that game:

A Date with Simone

Simone and Stephanie have a storied past that can be explored in this game.

You will learn more about these girls as well as have fun with Xia, who appears briefly at the bar in Neighborhood.



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